Calendar show blank page of events

Hi, recentrly I complitely reinstall my vps, change distro version and upgrade some packages.
After reinstalling Nextcloud i have this kind of problem: when i open calendar app, it show me blank page of events, if I try to switch the view from “day” to “month” it does nothing. (screenshot)

I caldav sync work across all my decide, so it is working.
I noticed so if I go to the settings pages (sometimes need to do so several times), when i return to the calendar it start working.

Any idea about what happen? Thx

Debian 10
PHP 7.3.27
MySQL 10.3
nginx 1.14.2
Nextcloud 21.0.1

ok I have a news, if i switch between different apps, nothing change BUT if i’m in app calendar at link


and I click again on calendar icon, it goes to


and with the second one, calendar working perfectly, how could I resolve this? What is the problem?