Calendar sharing (writable) only via groups possible

OS: Debian 9
NC: 12.0.3
Calendar: 1.5.5

When trying to share a calendar via user name is does not work. The shared calendar doesn’t show up at all for user to share with. Also I’m getting a duplicate entry of the user I’d like to share the calendar with below the calendar entry in the side panel.

Deleting the user again and sharing the calendar via groups it works and the calendar is writable, too! But this is only a workaround because it grants all members of the group read/write access to the calendar.

Seems like membership of any group has no effect on this.
Anybody else having issues with sharing calendars to other users? Any fixes for enabling user based sharing?

Best, Tom


got exactly the same issue…

Sharing a Calendar with a person (w/ “can edit” option) adds the calendar to the other persons “SUBSCRIPTIONS” and not to calendars", and hence can not be edited by that person.

Whereas sharing a calendar with a GROUP (w/ “can edit” option) the calendar is added to the groups CALENDARS and not SUBSCRIPTIONS… and hence can be edited by the group members

i.e you may need to create a couple of different GROUPS to share efficiently your different calendars with different people…

Is this a BUG ?? or a FEATURE ??



Someone else started the same Topic under GENERAL tree…