Calendar sharing nextcloud 15

i read a lot of topics here, but i didnt found steps for sharing a calendar.
in my installation i dont see field where i can write the group or the user. I see only - Share link -> public access.
I want to share with another user as we are using apps in android to connect…
If you can tell me what is wrong… installation is the latest one.

Open the calendar app within Nextcloud, select the calendar you want to share and press the
share button. Enter the name of the user/group you want the calender to share with and decide
if the calendar should be shared in read-only or read/write mode.
Now open the calendar app within Nextcloud of the user who you have shared your calendar with.
He will see the newly shared calendar. The same happens if this user opens his CalDAV sync app
on e.g. his Android mobile phone, like e.g. DAVx5. He can update the list of available calendars
and select and activate the shared calendar in his app.

Hi, thanks for the reply. There is no such input field :slight_smile: this is the problem… only share public link. In admin settings in personal … share - the page is empty. Below on admin - share - all select boxes are selected so should be enabled

@vasilev it should show this when you press share:

Hi, yes i guess but not showing. Is there anything else that i should configure?
I was using 12, then upgrade till 12.1, 13, 14, 15… so it is latest bit with upgrades.
If this could be the problem , tell and i will backup all events and contacts and restore…

Please check the share settings at Settings>Management>Sharing. There you can
set-up if apps are allowed to use the share api and if users are allowed to share content.
I would expect that the first two options are ticked.

What kind of OS and browser are you using? It looks like you’re using a tablet or something else.
If just check how the dialog looks on my Android phone and the share button was displayed correctly.

file sharing app was disabled… enabled now and all fine.
but how should i know that file sharing has connection with calendar sharing :slight_smile:

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