Calendar Share works, but no edit (write-access) with some users


I’m using Nextcloud 12.0.3. Ive setup 6 user. **Each of my user share his calendar** to the other user with **read-write**. **Only one of the user get read-write** of the shared calendars, although for all rw are set (All other users get only the read-funktion) I cant find the bug :frowning:

Any idear

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now i have a workaround:

Sharing r/w with Groups works fine.

-> Calendar sharing to users r/w do not work (visible but only read access!)
-> Calendar sharing to usergroups works (visible all users has read & write access!)

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got exactly the same issue…

Sharing a Calendar with a person (w/ “can edit” option) adds the calendar to the other persons “SUBSCRIPTIONS” and not to calendars", and hence can not be edited by that person.

Whereas sharing a calendar with a GROUP (w/ “can edit” option) the calendar is added to the groups CALENDARS and not SUBSCRIPTIONS… and hence can be edited by the group members

i.e you may need to create a couple of different GROUPS to share efficiently your different calendars with different people…

Is this a BUG ?? or a FEATURE ??



Yeah same question. NVM
I found out when you have shared the calendar and then click on the share button again (in web view atleast) there is an option to allow edit for the shared person. Hope it helps

hmm it dosent seem to help. even if i ticked the allow edit box my friend still cant edit the calendar

right… as I described… sharing with a user results in a “SUBSCRIPTION” to a calendar rather than a “SHARE”… I think that “SUBSCRIPTIONS” are always without editing possibilities…
Only sharing with groups results in a REAL SHARE…

I am having the same problem after updating to 12.0.3.
The old sharings I did in version 11 still work fine, but when sharing a new calendar with another user he or she only gets a subscription. Hope this gets fixed soon.
Thanks for the tip using groups as a workaround. Will try that.

Hey folks,
I had the same problem while sharing a calendar for editing.
I did an update to calender app version 1.5.6 a few minutes ago.
Sharing an editing works fine now. :+1:

In 20.0.4 still the same…