Calendar Reminder not working for me


im on the latest Nextcloud 11.0.3. I use the Calendar app, but unfortunatly the reminder function is not working for me.

I tried every reminder mode… audio, e-mail and pop-up. Nothing happening.

E-Mail sending mode in nextcloud config is php and i receive mails when pressing the test button.
crontab is set to 1 minute and is working.

Can you tell me how to get it working?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you know anything more ? Unfortunately I cannot help you. But I’m using nextcloud 9 and I’m wondering as well why pop up reminder doesn’t work. I think in 9 the normal reminder with alarm should not work. I think this option is just if you are using the calender app with your cell phone or maybe outlook. (But I’m not sure !) But as I see pop up function, I thought, that this option could work in browser.


AFAIK it’s not implemented yet, see
I really miss that, too.

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It IS implemented. You need to check out your Nextcloud config:

Run occ config:list and search for “dav” configuration JSON block. In case you have "sendEventRemindersMode": "occ", you need to run another command in your cron, to be able to send email reminders. This command is: occ dav:send-event-reminders

This configuration is from old Nextcloud installations. If you have a new Nextcloud versión (ex: +20), you must remove that setting or set it to “backgroundjob” by doing: occ config:app:set dav sendEventRemindersMode --value backgroundjob

I hope that helps!