Calendar refresh interval using google calendar in NC

Utilizing the secret link for calendar from google, is there a way to update the refresh speed from the google calendar to the nextcloud calendar? Noticed that some changes have taken place over 24 hours prior, with no changes reflected on the nextcloud calendar.

Thank you.

Hello @jamg ,

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Which calendar app version?

Next cloud version: 20.0.7
Webserver type: raspberry pi 4
OS version: raspberry buster

I am unsure where to check for the calendar app version.

Check your app management inside NC as admin.
Latest one is v2.1.3

btw. changed the topic title to make it more precise for others.

looks to be 2.1.3

Is there a different version that would correct this issue?

What kind of cron are you using?

See Background jobs — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Looks like it’s cron, and it’s been updated within 5 minutes. Also another weird thing, I set up davx5 on a phone and it updates, even when the web interface calendar hasn’t.