Calendar Plugin doesn't send mails


I bought a calendar app with CalDAV sync support. This works pretty fine - it syncs all deadlines. But however, if I configure Mail reminder it doesn’t work. I mean, no reminder mails reach me. In Nextcloud the mail configuration is fine, I receive the test mail.

So, please tell me how to fix this :slight_smile:



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I have the same or a similar issue. I’m using nextcloud 17.0.1. Background jobs run via cron. I see something like “last task 2 minutes ago”. For groupware, I activated “reminders”. For the smtp server, test emails go into my inbox.

Best regards, Uli

I have the same problem.
Correct Email Setup (Test Email Received)
Cron working fine.

However, I don’t receive email notifications or alerts

I also encountered the same problem, do you know how to solve it ? can you share the solution if possible, thanks

Check that this option is correctly activated in the admin groupware settings.

How can I check this? Here is a screenshot of the groupware settings:

Thanks a lot for your help!

BTW: My installation is very old. I migrated the config settings (config.php) through all of the revisions. Maybe this is an issue?

The nextcloud version I use is 18.0.3, and the reminder set in the calendar is: 5 minutes before the event starts, but no matter whether the reminder method is selected as notification or email, I can not get any response (SMTP setting is completed, the test email is sent successfully) , What am I doing wrong, this problem has troubled me for a long time, please help me to solve,thanks

Is your cron mode system cron ? Does it run often enough ?

We recommend using a dedicated background job for this task just in case (sorry, not merged yet in documentation) :

Today, I received my first invitation message from nextcloud. I did not change anything within the nextcloud configuration.

Here is what I did:

My impression is that I get the mails when using an email address not directly related to a nextcloud user. But maybe I’m wrong…