Calendar "pick a time" list blank on new events

I have experienced this for a while. Currently running Nextcloud version 21.0.1 with Calendar app version 2.2.0 but the issue was present on previous version too. The problem is that when I create a new calendar event, the time picker field is blank, I mean there’s no time suggestions anymore. Like this:

Nevertheless I am able to make new events but I just have to enter time manually.

If I try to edit an old [or previously created] event instead of making new, the time suggestions are there, like this:

It works the same way on all users. And has been working normally, but changed to this like a month ago. Couldn’t find anything related to this by search.

Hi auvo.salmi!

Don’t know if you know, but there is a bug report on the problem, here:

And a fix is on its way. It seems to only affect the month view, so as a workaround for now, you can switch to another view.


Oh, thanks! Though I spent some time trying to search evidence about existence of this issue, I didn’t actually find anything relevant. So no, I wasn’t aware of the bug report. Nice to know that it is already being fixed!

I found your post here, before I found the bug. Actually, I used the title of your post for the search where I found the bug. So no worries :slight_smile: