Calendar old event synchronisation

i’m not sure if it’s a pbm with nextcloud calendar or with DAVx5 on android, but my calendars doesn’t sync from the begining

i mean, in nextcloud calendar i have events since 1 year, but in my phone, synchronized with davx5, the oldest event are from 3 month back

I just noticed it, so maybe it correspond to the time i first used DAVx5 to synchronise, i don’t remember

anyway, i would like to have all my events in my phone, not just the last ones

do you know how to force the synchronisation of old events ? and why it doesn’t work ?

Hi @Toup

See Past event time limit in the DAVx5 documentation…

You can find the setting via the gear icon in the title bar of the app.

thank you ! i already looked into the settings of the apps and didn’t see this option :confused: but now i know that the problem comes from davx5 side, not nextcloud, so i’m going to look at what’s going on with my davx5 app