Calendar invitations via email: accepting doesn't work for me

Dear Nextcloud Team,

I’m currently doing some evaluations related to calendar. Before NC20, I’ve had lots of problems (no invitations, no notifications, etc). Now, it seems to work a lot better.

I’m trying to do this:

  • Create an appointment within the web ui of the nextcloud calendar
  • … with an external participant:
  • The external participant gets a invitation email from
  • The external participant accepts the invitation which probably leads to an email from the participant to
  • Nextcloud (or the calendar app) should process this email and update the meeting accordingly

However, this does not seem to work.

Now my questions:

  • Are the assumptions above OK?
  • If YES: I don’t think I’ve setup a IMAP poller or a SMTP forwarder, so how is the email supposed to be delivered to nextcloud?
  • if NO: Should this work “somehow”? How?

Thanks for you help, Uli

Answering to myself:

Within the last days, I realized that the invitation email has these headers:

So answers to the invitation mail end up in my personal mailbox - which is fine.

Now I’d like to update the participation status based on these mails…