Calendar invitations not working -> possibility to switch it off?

First of all, I started exploring the features of nextcloud a few weeks ago and I am currently in the process of rolling out my instance to a community of ~50 people. And I LOVE IT!
nextcloud itself, but also the many apps, and calendar in particular. I appreciate the good work of all the contributors of these projects.
Almost everything works so smooth, I am really in love with this.

That being said, the invitations seem to be not working at all. I don’t want to go into details (but I can if someone is interested), but invitations are not sent out, if they are, accepting is not possible, also, reacting to an invitation is only possible via email and not in the nextcloud calendar in the browser. So all in all I think the invitation feature is not usable.
-> Is it possible to deactivate it? So don’t show the “attendees” tab at all? Or any other measure to not make the users feel they can reach out to others to invite them when they actually can’t?
Or as I think it is not possible to deactivate it currently, can it maybe made possible?

Thanks again, hoping to hear from you!

  • I researched a bit around caldav and meeting invitations in the past and I know it is a mess, so I think I understand the pain that this feature brings to developers…