Calendar: Invitations not sent


Within my Nextcloud instance, invitations to attendees aren’t sent. I’ve already checked the following:

  • Sending test emails does work
  • The calendar isn’t a shared calendar
  • The “Send invitations to attendees” setting is activated in the admin setting groupware section
  • Sending doesn’t work, no matter whether I’m inviting an “internal” Nextcloud user or an external email address
  • I set “mail_smtpdebug” => true in config.php; but only can see logs when sending test emails

I’m on Nextcloud 21.0.3 and emails are sent via an smtp server (from my provider).

Is there anyone who can help to debug / dig further?


Another thing to check : only future invitations are sent. I was trying to send invitation for event in the past (for tests purpose) and it didn’t work. When I invite in the future, it works well.

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Today, I found the solution for this problem: My Nextcloud user had a “+” sign in his email address. I filed a Bug Report at GitHub for this.