Calendar events. Invites from Mailclient possible

Hi !

Is it possible to send Calendar invites from a mailclient (thunderbird) not from nextcloud server?
Users want to see sent invite messages and possible errors.
This was default in OC < version 9 and was changed without notice.
i could not find anything about that in NC docs, does anybody know that?

------- Updated ---------

Maybe my question is not clear - I’ll try it again.

I’m using OC 10.0.3, upgraded from OC 8. I’m not happy with OC anymore and looking for Nextcloud. But before I’ll ensure behaviour in Calender Envent-Handling.

A user creates a new event in his Thunderbird-Calendar and adds some people to invite them.
Typically I would expect, that Thunderbird creates that event in Calendar, creates an email with that event and sends it to the invited people. What really happens: Thundebird creates an calendar-event and oc creates mails, sends them and you don’t see this mail, can’t see errors.

How will Nextcloud handle this?

afaik, the same problem still exists in NC.