Calendar: events displayed with different brightness? what means "limit visible events per view"?

I am new to Nextcloud and use 22.2.0.

I have created several calendars containing normal events and events with repetitions. So far everything works as expected.

However, I am surprised that some events in the same calendar are displayed brighter (less saturation?). So far I have not been able to find out why: it does not seem to be due to the repetition, nor to the day of the week or the time.

And what does “Limit visible events per view” mean?

Apparently the color of the event comes from its status: “Confirmed” is displayed more saturated/bold, “Preliminary” is displayed lighter.

Strange: my clients don’t know this attribute and so can’t set it.

Indeed, according to the status, it’s lighter or brighter but by default, event is Confirmed so it’s should not be an issue ?

And what does “Limit visible events per view” mean?

With the limit (the texte says “2 more”)

Without the limit

With the limit, it displays only 3 events in month view :slight_smile:

No, it’s no issue. I just wondred because, as I said, I am new to Nextcloud.

But what are these screenshots from? Mobil App?

From my nextcloud in website !