Calendar events and invitations

Hello all,

I would like to use the Nextcloud calendar for scheduling meetings.
These meetings are for example weekly and so I have created a recurring entry and invited the attendees.

But now everyone gets a mail where they can agree or disagree for all entries once and not for each one individually.
Also, nowhere on the web interface can you accept or decline.

Am I doing something wrong?

Have you tried this app?

Does this mean that it is not possible with the standard calendar?

I look at the app once thanks for the tip.
But it doesn’t look like you can use this for multiple groups separately.
I currently have 6 groups with appointments to manage.

I think it is a normal behavior that an attendee only is asked once per recurring event if he wants to attend or not. Afaik Thunderbird, O365 etc. are all handling invitations in that way.

but that’s a pity; then i can’t do the schedule management via nextcloud at all

I have now found that I can accept or reject the individual appointments via the iPhone.
but I can not find this option anywhere on the web interface

The Nextcloud Calendar app doesn’t support editing exceptions of a recurring event yet. I think this is a feature which will be implemented in the future. An indication for this missing function is, that you’ve not yet asked if you want to edit a single or all occurencies of an event. Nevertheless if you’re using external CalDAV clients you can do that if desired.

i have create a issue for that