Calendar event which repeats each weekday

Is it possible to set an all-day event to repeat “each weekday?” Some calendar clients have offered this ability in the past (pretty sure Lightning did).

There appear to be localization strings possibly associated with this in l10n/sr.js (“Every Weekday” : “сваког дана у недељи”).

Its Possible with Android Davdroid and a supported calendar app. Created a weekly task and synced it over davdroid.
how to find it in the Web-app:


Too late :smiley: Just wanted to write the same thing.
As additional hint: make sure to skip the “simple editor” by clicking “more” when you create a new event. And then you have the tab like shown in the screenshot above, where you can select daily, weekly and so on.

Thanks, @Dark-Schnitzel and @Schmu, but I was actually asking about the Calendar app in Nextcloud, rather than any CalDAV clients.

(Also, a monthly or weekly event is not what I’m after. I’m after creating a single all-day repeating event which takes place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but not on Saturday or Sunday.)

That’s good, because I was, too :smiley:
The screenshot shows the calendar app in Nextcloud. Try it out.

@Schmu, I did. If I select “Every day,” I also see a field where I can supply a value for, “Repeat every….” Is this supposed to offer a menu of choices for that field, or am I just supposed to type “weekday” in there? (Edit: it only accepts a number in that field.)

You can enter a simple number in this field.

Repeat every – 3

Will create a calendar event for every third day. Say: first event is Monday, then there will also be events on Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, …

The same goes for “Every week”. With “repeat every” 2 you can make sure, that you have this event only every second week.

Right, I understand that, but that’s not what I was after in this message, as you can see if you scroll back up to my message where I thanked the two of you for responding.

Hm, I didn’t saw that message when I started to answer. Did you edit your post?
Okay, that is not possible right now.

Just to provide a workaround, so that it at least works for you with a little effort, you can do the following:
Create 5 times the same event on Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fr and define for all events that they should repeat every 7 days.
By this you will have your calendar filled with the requested events only on Mo - Fr and not on Sat or Sun.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, but of course I know how to do that already. This message is about doing it in a single event.

Sorry, I didn’t know you know that already. Your posts are quite short.

Nevertheless, the best thing you can do is to open a feature request on Github for the Nextcloud calendar app.

No need to report a feature request, it’s already there :wink:

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