Calendar event for multiple users

Hi, In my business we are using a basic calendar system, but we need to change.

Nextcloud is exactly what we need, except one thing…
For meetings or interventions, one event may affect multiple users.

Is it possible to make an event, with multiple users (not just mail addresses in “participants” section) as owners ?

This feature is really important for us, we can’t go to Nextcloud because of that…

That’s exactly how it works in Nextcloud and all other applications. You add the name of a (Nextcloud) user or his email address and an event is created in the attendees calendar too. What is wrong with it?

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Not sure if this will help, but most of my clients have created a single-company-calendar-user in Nextcloud (in addition to their own login for personal files, decks, etc.) Each user has the CALDAV Synchronizer installed in Outlook. For each user, a profile is created for that company-calendar using the singular login to that company-calendar-account. Users are allowed to create/modify/delete any event in that singular company calendar and because of the meeting notice was emailed, the event can be accepted into their personal calendar. That will result in two meeting notices. Not sure if this helps you or not.

Ow, after simple tests, I can confirm it works ! In my previous tests, I didn’t give the mail address but only the name of the nextcloud user…

We can’t give a nextcloud user, just mail address… But I discovered we can make contact with mail address of a nextcloud user and use the name of this contact. And yes, the event is “duplicate” (but linked) on the calendar of the others users :slight_smile:

After many tests, I think is a great solution :smiley:

We don’t want use Outlook (but their are alternatives, indeed), and the single-company-calendar is not a solution because not all of us have the same events in the office… The solution is one calendar by user, and sharing events between calendars.

But thank you very much for your idea :slight_smile:
(Sorry for my poor English, I’m french ^^)

Mon plaisir monsieur :slight_smile:

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