Calendar => event + attendees => circles / distinguish users


I’m using NC 20.0.5 and have two questions regarding creating events in the caledar app with attendees:

  1. it seems like I cannot add a circle as attendee - is that correct or do I miss on something?

  2. when adding attendees one-by-one:
    suppose I have a user “Paul Sample” and “Paul Sample” is also in my address book
    (with email entry set => without email entry in adr-book only the user is shown)
    => how can I distinguish between (a) the user and (b) the address-book entry
    => since both are shown as circled initials ¶ and look identical in the drop-down list?
    => (see screenshot below)
    => image

edit: wanted to bring this up again - any suggestion?

Thanks and kind regards - tullsta