Calendar errors: how to find the offending calendar entry

In my v27.1.2 instance, I see the following message in the log.

Sabre\DAV\Exception\UnsupportedMediaType: Validation error in iCalendar: The supplied value (00010101T000000Z) is not a correct DATE

How can I find the particular calendar entry which is causing this? Which database table should I query? Perhaps more information could be included with such an error to aid in locating the offending resource.

Select the calendar in question, click on the pencil icon and select “Export calendar” to export it to a csv file. Next use grep to search for the given date value in the exported file.

The error isn’t shown in the Calendar app. It’s shown in the Administrator Settings Logging View. I have no idea at all which calendar the item is in, much less which specific event it is.

Can you at least identify which user owns the calendar?

That message comes from CalDAV plugin. So it could be possible, that the error is located in some extern calendar on some android phone and not at your server in the database.

If you look down the complete trace in the logfile (instead of only a part of the message) you could maybe find the cause.

Much luck,

If I copy the whole log entry then the actual PUT request, with path to specific .ics does become available. The situation is that an iPad user added an item to a shared calender from another user, and something’s wrong with that entry. I’m not sure how to find that specific item on the IPad calendar, though. I think I’ll just need to un-share the calendar, then make sure it’s no longer visible on the iPad user’s calendar, and confirm the log errors no longer occur before re-sharing the calendar.

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