Calendar Email Notifications: Show Event Info In Email

Hi there,

First, I’ll describe what I’m trying to address. Then, I’d like to ask users here if this exists and I’m just not seeing the setting to turn it on. Then, if it does not exist, I’d like to request it :slight_smile:

When receiving email notifications of activity happening on a calendar, I am receiving notification that events have been created or removed, including when the activity occurred, and what it is named.

What I’m not getting in the email is any indication as to when the activity is scheduled for. This creates friction in finding the activity on the calendar itself.

Is there an existing setting which includes the actual event details in the email?

If not, I think it would be very very helpful to have event details such as date & time included in the calendar notification email.

Would love to hear any thoughts on this!



Afaik such a setting doesn’t exist yet.