Calendar Day view broken in 2.0.1

The Day view in the calendar is broken in 2.0.1

  • Clicking the “Next Day” navigation button doesn’t work.
  • The Datepicker label displays the date before the date selected. So if you select “Jan 14”, it displays “Jan 13” in the label. If you select “Today”, it’s fine.

The problems are not present in 1.7.1

Is there a way to downgrade a plugin?

Please check for that issue. If not present please file an issue.

For sure you can download an older release and install it manually. As long as db schema changes are not mandatory an downgrade will work.

Better way is to report and wait for the next release.

I’ve opened an issue on this bug. If anyone else is observing it, or can reproduce on their system, please add a comment about your experience to this issue.

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