Calendar configuration: Calendar time range; Appointment detail level for whole calendar

Dear nextcloud community,

after more than two hours of unsuccessful searching, I am now turning to you with my question.
I hope you can help me. It’s about the nextcloud calendar app.

Current state:

  1. In the nextcloud web interface, the calendar under always shows vertically the whole day from 0-24h and wastes 50% of the screen size with an empty calendar. Sometimes (and I can’t find a pattern, according to which criteria it does that) it only shows 8-20h (which I prefer, because I don’t have any work appointments outside this period).
  2. It is only possible to set on a single appointment which appointment details are visible (all details, only status, do not show). It is enormously time-consuming to set this manually each time.

Desired state:

  1. adjust the vertical calendar range from 0-24h to something shorter, e.g. 8-20h.
  2. I would like to set the date detail level for the whole calendar.

What is the best way to do this?
Thanks in advance,

PS: NextCloud, Calendar and Appointments App are on their latest stable versions.

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