Calendar colors make entries not readable on phone screen

How can i chang the calendar colors?
I did not find something like “/var/www/owncloud/apps/calendar/lib/calendar.php” where are the colors defined.

Yes, i’m interessed too.
it would be nice to have an option to pick color more than a choice of 6 colors.

The colors were introduced here:

The color generator from server is here:

…can you provide a screenshot with the unreadable event :grimacing:

I notice something who can help.
For Exemple, i use the CalDav on iCal on my mac.
I can modify the color of the calendar with the one i want (infinite possibilities).
Then i make a refresh for sync, i go back to the web interface and the color had change.
So i case you can’t chose a lot of color on the Web Interface, you can change on a client app.

EDIT : Also Calendarapp for oC/nC have been updated to 1.3.2, i notice that the choice of start colors are 9 now.