Calendar Client

Hmm. I tested the script on my site … works fine.

Is the .ics2owncloud.ini file correct and in your home directory?!?

Yes, maybe an python error?

lars@h2530151:~$ bash -x .ics2owncloud.ini

  • ‘[DEFAULT]’
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 1: [DEFAULT]: command not found
  • username: lars
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 2: username:: command not found
  • password: lamue80@oc
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 3: password:: command not found
  • server:
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 4: server:: command not found
  • ‘[import_a]’
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 6: [import_a]: command not found
  • calendar: veranstaltungn
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 7: calendar:: command not found
  • key=AQAe2wsi6khW9Y1j
  • ‘[import_b]’
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 10: [import_b]: command not found
  • calendar: facebook
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 11: calendar:: command not found
  • key=AQAe2wsi6khW9Y1j
    lars@h2530151:~$ + ics_url: ‘webcal://’
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 8: ics_url:: command not found
  • ics_url: ‘webcal://’
    .ics2owncloud.ini: line 12: ics_url:: command not found

There is an update on the issue with the SSL error. This should be fixed with python version 3.

But why do you excecute “bash -x” ?

You have to run “

Yes I know. The only reason is to show what happens when the script is running. With python3 the SSL error is gone, but I have other issues. I discuss the error on stackoverflow. The developer no longer supports the script , so it looks at least on Github

Do you have a link :slight_smile:

Any news about the Webcal feature?

Hmm, not that I’m aware of it. The discussion moved away anyway…
My intention was having a possibilty to subscribe to calendars on
remote servers (or local, but different…). Not read an ics file
or something like that

sorry for revive the thread, but are there any updates?

Hi, as far as I’m concerned - no. I’m using the Calendar as a server now. My intention was to use it as a client to a couple of caldav-servers I’m using (as client).
I’m not aware of any changes in this direction