Calendar Client


one think I’m missing is a calendar client app. I’m thinking about something like the Thunderbird/Lightning software, which is able to connect to caldav servers for example.
As far as I know OwnClouds Calendarapp is a server and might not what you want if
you already have a server



Why don’t you just use Thunderbird Lightning? The calendar app speak caldav.

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CalDAV should work fine in many calendar apps. I use it already on KOrganizer, Zanshin, Lightening and Jolla Calendar.

I don’t think a desktop calendar client is what NC should be working on. Cooperating with existing ones to improve support - sure :slight_smile:

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Because sometimes I don’t have a Thunderbird but only web access. For me it would be better to have a client not a server integrated in NextCloud. I already have a caldav server running und want to use it with a client app on NextCloud

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Oh, you mean the already existing webapp? Yes, adding outside calendars to it should also IMHO be a feature. I honestly thought that was already possible…

(sorry, I understood that the suggestion was about a desktop calendar client)

I guess is something like that?

It allows you to access an ICS calendar from within your ownCloud calendar app. And there is already a work in progress Pull Request by @georgehrke :rocket:

Then I misunderstood your question.

Perhaps he also thought about the calendar app as a CalDAV client for other CalDAV-servers :wink: (Radicale, Baïkal, …)

Well, the webcal feature mentioned by @LukasReschke is only about ics files on the net.
It’s only about subscribing to something.

Adding other read- and writable CalDAV resources to the calendar is something I would like, if anything, to be added to ownCloud’s CalDAV server, because as a user I’d expect to see all calendars I see in the web interface also in CalDAV clients that I connect to the ownCloud server.


@LukasReschke And the PR you mentioned is still waiting for a comment from your side :wink:

Hello georgehrke,

yes, that would be nice. I would like to be able to subscribe to all my calendars (OwncCloud/NewCloud, Google, Sogo,…) and be able to see them in the calendar app.

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That feature would be really nice. I hope we can see it in the feature


perhaps a workaround until we get this feature in nextcloud :slight_smile:

This script downloads iCal files and imports them to ownCloud using CalDAV.


I get an ssl error with letsencrypt cert

Yes this is my issue :slight_smile: i dont know how can i solve this problem :frowning:

Sorry, I’m not the python guy :slight_smile:

I use this script for importing the waste calendar from our city. The waste calendar has no SSL :smile:

This is not recommended but you can disable SSL cert verification in the script.

requests.get(‘’, verify=False)

Can you explain how you do this?

You can add “verify=False” to every line which contains “requests.get”. Line 20 and 33

You can find a modified copy here:

Thanks. When I start the script I have no response nothing. Didn’t work. Anything is wrong. :frowning: