Calendar app white page on Firefox version 63.0.1 (nc20)

Hi Devs,

I have upgraded now to nc20 and I unfortunatly saw that calendar now shows a white page in Firefox 63.0.1. (It works on Firefox 84) but due to company restrictions I have to work with 63.0.1.

I will also make a bug report in github.

It would be nice if this could be fixed.

Thank you.

Same issue with ff 68 esr - due to company restrictions. Calendar with nc20 works fine on my private system running ff 84. Hoping for a fix, because I don’t expect our company admins will upgrade ff to an actual version (ff 68 esr has been issued in august 2020) soon. On december 15, 2020 ff has published ff 78.6 esr, hopefully calendar works with that version.

If it’s taken care of there, we can close here and continue all discussions at github:

Hi Devs,

After the Update from 20.0.4 to 20.0.5 I see the headline and the left side but the calendar grid is missing.
I think this is only partly fixed whereas the github issue is closed.
I will uncheck the solution cause it is still not working

Thanks for first attempt to fix.

Hi all,

(The title is not entirley correct anymore but you still cannot see the calender)

just for the info for all.

Since I updated to 20.0.7 I once again looked for the solution:

It seems that this will not get fixed officially.

There are a few github issues open which point to a self compiled calender like:

An issue which is closed but offers a workaround manually:

And an issue which is still open but suggests updating the browser:

I’ll see if we can have a maintenance update soonish

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