Calendar App: Subscription of Google Calendar does not work

I want to subscribe to a google calendar (not import).
Tried different google calendars with their private ics link.
No error messages, but also nothing appears… none of them worked…

Nextcloud 17.0.2
Calendar App 2.0.1

Any ideas or hints?

I’m personally not using this function but did you follow this instruction to get the ics calendar url?

Afaik, an ics calendar subscription is handled via the web browser and not server itself. That means it is only shown or displayed when you’re using the web client. This function is described here:

Have you checked the Nextcloud log file for any related error message? Usually any activity will be logged, especially if something fails.

Yes, did it exactly this way.
I used the private ics link of the google calendar.
I tried it with different google calendars.

Yes, i used the web client.
Logged out and in again, nothing to see…

Yes, no entries.

I tried to import the same google calendar private ics link - this worked.
But i want to subscribe - not import…

Subscription of Public calendar as school vacations is not working, too.
works with Thunderbird and Lightning on Windows and Linux Platforms and on Android phones but not with Nextcloud 17.0.2 and Calendar 2.0.1

would you guys pls counter-check if this github issue fits to your problems and if yes provide them with more info or test the workaround?

and pls let us here on the forum know how it went…

Have you seen this issue ticket which explains how the subscription of ics calendars has been changed?!

@JimmyKater and @j-ed
I saw your comments but here I will stop for now and clone my system first to make more tests. My family will kill me if I crash our Nextcloud…
This will certainly take “some” days.

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Not yet, but it seems that this issue targets the current problem.
And currently there is some activity…

They opened a new github issue here:
Events from subscribed calendar not shown #1899

The maintainer already fixed the issue:

The fix will be released with version 2.0.2

So we have to wait for the Calendar App Version 2.0.2 to be released…

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I have to re-open this issue, still not solved for me…
I tried four different public ics calendars, none of them shows any entries in the calendar.

Calendar App 2.0.2
Nextcloud 18.0.1

Until 18.0.2, you need to wait for cron to refresh the subscription cache (a few hours, depending on cron frequency).

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Ok, thanks for the hint.
Now, after some hours, the entries appear in the subscribed calendars.

I discovered another flaw:
I subscribed a google calendar. In the description field of some of the events, there are item lists used. The lists are not properly rendered in the Nextcloud Calendar App and appear as plain html source code e.g. <ul><li>First Item</li>

The iCalendar/CalDAV standard used by Nextcloud doesn’t allow HTML tags into the description. It should at least use X-ALT-DESC like Outlook does, so that’s an issue with Google.

Fortunately, I had some time now, to make several tests. Mosts things are working but not all.

None of my calendar subscriptions is still working work with Nextcloud 17.0.2 and calendar 2.0.2

But I installed a test system 18.0.2. and calendar 2.0.2.
With this system, I could sucessfully subscribe calendars with school holidays, public holidays and even a liturgical calendar with information about catholic services.
The Links above, which I use should obviously work if I update my Live System to 18.0.2
Update: Live System is updated to 18.0.2. and behaviour as expected…

There is only one calendar not working which is provided by myself in unusual but necessary way.
It is a ICS File which is created by a software where I organize club members. This software is a huge platform to organize not only personal profiles of the members but also all financial issues. With in the members profiles, I save also the birthday of each member. Whenever I add or modify member profiles the calendar file “birthdays.ics” is saved, respectivly modified to my Nextcloud.
My goal is now to subscribe this file with my Nextcloud calendar.
I tested the following Link
but this does not work out although I am the correct Nextcloud user, where the ICS File is stored.
Any ideas?
It is also not working withe calendar 2.0.3.

I had to use the URL in a field called ‘Secret address in iCal format’.

  • Log into Google Calendar
  • Select options for that specific calendar
  • Settings and sharing
  • Integrate calendar
  • Copy the URL in the field called ‘Secret address in iCal format’