Calendar App Not Listed

I have installed a fresh install of NextCloud 13 but I can’t find the Calendar app so I can install it…its nowhere to be found…can someone assist me here?

So there is no entry in the apps menue -> App bundles?


This is all I have under App bundle

Can anybody please help with nextcloud13 installation?I am stuck midway,since 4 days and I want to get started with contributing for rgsoc 2018 and the time is running out.

I think you posting is wrong in this thread … :wink:

Can you please guide me to the correct one?

Post on the “first level” not in an existing “topic”


Exact same problem here.

I could manually install calendar as mentionned here : How to use Calendar app with Nextcloud 12?

It might be a firewall issue (my server is on a OVH sharded host) but it is strange the problem appears with NC13 install.

I just upgraded another NC server from 12.0.4 to 13.0.0 and it worked just fine : all apps appeared at the first time. I don’t know why at all.
The server configuration is quite the same : OVH shared host in both cases. However, the first server is based on a personal pricing and the second one is based on a professionnal pricing.

Hello, I just did a fresh install of NC on docker. I have the same issue I do not have the calendar app. When I go to +Apps section this is all I see under “App Bundles”. any help is greatly appreciated.


@hunkyn could you please open a new topic? Also, please tell us what version of Nextcloud you use.