Calendar and 2FA

Just upgraded successfully to NC 11 and I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks everyone who made this possible.

I also love 2FA and enabled that too. But of course that broke the calendar for Thunderbird and my Android devices. As soon as I disabled 2FA again, the external devices can access the calkendar, but not when 2FA is enabled.

To be honest, I have no idea how this could be resolved. Maybe with a private token in the URL that allows access without the second factor?

What are others thinking about that?

In your personal settings you have the possibility to create application specific passwords. Use those in case you have two-factor auth enabled.

Well, that’s great. I’ve missed that option but now that I tried it, it not only works like a charm, it’s in fact really impressive. Thanks @LukasReschke


I have also enabled 2FA on nextcloud 11, and I am experiencing trouble with contacts/calendar/tasks on thunderbird 45.5.1. I am able to successfully use app passwords for my other devices.

When I try to add the CalDAV link for my calendar, I am not prompted for a username and password, and the calendar is created but turns itself off. I encounter a similar problem with adding the CalDAV link for a remote address book. It simply creates the remote address book without prompting me for a username/password, but never syncs.

Any ideas how to implement the app passwords here in thunderbird?

Sorry for the spam, but this webpage helped me fix my password problem (!topic/

There are actually 2 “solutions” to the problem mentioned in you link @pmlauro and from my own experience, deleting the domain password from “Saved Logins” with a restart of TB seems to be the correct one. You find “Saved Logins” at Edit > Preferences > Security > Passwords