Calendar 2.0.0+ Event title no longer allows new line or list

In prior versions of Calendar, within Firefox, you could hit enter and start a new line within the event title box. I have NC17 and with both Calendar version 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 that is no longer working. If I downgrade, I’m able to once again create a an event title with multiple manually created lines or list.

:cry: Is this option really forever gone?

Event titles should indeed not have new lines. Extra information should go into the description field.

If you have specific examples that would explain why you would need a new line, please share. :slight_smile:

I guess I spend most of my time looking at the month view. So, I usually describe the event in the title. This works great for keeping track of tasks since you can’t view nc tasks within the calendar. This is also handy because I don’t have to interrupt my workflow to click and find the description. Everything is listed in title with line breaks instead of being buried. Maybe I’m being impracticable and should fine another solution. But, I really like looking at the month without having to interact.
Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

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It shouldn’t be to long before this changes

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I agree about his opinion. New line in title are very practical, that you can easier see content in monthly view. Or there voud be option to show “description” in monthly view.

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Example is that, I wrote tasks for a day in one line. No description, nothing else. Just to remember what to do when I remember something. Then that tasks was seen just by opening calendar in month view. Now is fancy, and

  1. I must make new entry for every task ( too much clicking, to much error prone, cos of mixing calendars!!)
  2. there are only 2 -3 tasks you can see when you open monthly view. (too much clicking)
  3. old record are not readable.

I’m annoyed using this fancy app due to that, there is no new line neather is day filed static and does not offer good overview of tasks in the day. Clicking is not good UX.

Writing in this case is not solution. There is no additional information.