[Calendar 1.3.3] Not compatible IPV6 (was : with nextcloud ?)


Seems that the new “calendar” 1.3.3 released 2 days ago is not compatible with nextcloud. Doesn’t load, just spinning weel… Anyone else ?


Hi Akhenaton,

I am sorry to hear about your problems with the calendar. 1.3.3 was released one day ago, to

ensure compatibility with NC10

Source: https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/releases/tag/v1.3.3
I have not tested it yet. Have you already tested this on a new installation?



No problems after update via App Store from v1.3.2 to v1.3.3 with NC 9.0.53.

Just tested fresh Nextcloud 10 install + Calendar 1.3.3, works just fine here.

Can you check your browser’s console, if that shows any errors? (F12 on firefox and chrome)

@mar1u5 Hi, i’ve updated automatically from the appstore on my 9.053… Didn’t shows any problem during update, but when i reload it, just got spinning wheel in front of my 2 calendars (not shared).

Nothing in the logs…

@anon99252149 Hi, i think i’m going to uninstall and try a manual update, downloading the app and installing manualy

Thanks to both for your quick feedback !

@nickvergessen Hi, here it is :

Using //@ to indicate sourceMappingURL pragmas is deprecated. Use //# insteadjquery.min.js:1
Content Security Policy: Les paramètres de la page ont empêché le chargement d’une ressource à self (« script-src https://::1 ‘unsafe-eval’ »).calendar
L’utilisation de « getPreventDefault() » est obsolète. Utiliser « defaultPrevented » à la place.jquery.min.js:5:17117
L’utilisation de l’attribut « textContent » d’un attribut est obsolète. Utiliser « value » à la place.app.js:4077:14
TypeError: parts is null

Is it because the IPV6 url ? (I’m full ipv6 here) ? Will try with ipv4

Should be https://[::1] instead isn’it ?..

O.K. guys, got it ! Works perfectly with IPV4 !

So, there is a problem with IPV6, only for calendar.

Feel free to open an issue in https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/issues/new :wink:


@Akhenaton Please provide the information which I asked for in the GitHub issue. Otherwise I will not be able to help you solve this issue :wink:

@georgehrke Sorry to respond 4 days later… see : https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/issues/718#issuecomment-242965543