CalDav not sync with Lumnia 950XL

I try to sync my nextcloud with windows mobile 10 on a lumnia phone
Th contact sync fine but the caldav don’t want to sync:

I try different settings:
Nextcloud link:
CalDavSync from desktop pc:

But i can not see or select the calendar within die calendar app.

On my Lumia925 with Windows 10 and on Windows 10 Desktop it works as iCloud Account and the URL’s for all the Calendars and<username>/contacts/

If the above URL’s didn’t work for you then either you have a Problem with your Phone or the something is wrong at your Server. I didn’t use my Windows Phone any more after giving up my Work on my KeePass Client for WP. But that’s a other Story. But you can use the Windows 10 on a PC and the Calendar App there, with the same URL’s to test your Calendar’s. If something goes wrong, you should see some entry’s in the Server Logfiles of your Webserver and/or Nextcloud Logfiles.

I have Hardreset my Lumia925 and entered the above URL’s and Calendar and Contacts appear in the normal Apps. I have access to all Events in the Calendars.

BTW: Check if the Server does have a official and valid SSL Certificate. If this is not the case, Windows Phone declines communication with the Server other https. Sure, you can import such a Certificate manually to the trusted Store on Windows Phone, but i wouldn’t recommend that.


/remote.php/caldav/principals/user/ (OSX)
-> I know it’s a little bit weird, but that was the old link and worked for me (macOS).