Caldav-Bug when changing calendar of an event


changing the calendar of an event on an iOS-device is not properly handled by the server. I opened an issue 2 months ago on github (owncloud):

Since then nothing much happend, except it has been labeled as a bug.

The problem also exists in Nextcloud 9.0.50 (havent’t checked 9.0.51, since it seems only to contain “cosmetical” corrections). Though this is only a relatively small thing, it keeps me from recommending Nextcloud (or also Owncloud) to other people who are not as familiar with computers as I am.

I’d quite like to switch to nextcloud, because I like the idea behind it :slight_smile:

Should also open an issue at github/nextcloud as well? Don’t want to annoy the devs though with a doubling…

Cheers, Bernie_O

I noticed that this bug has been solved in Owncloud 9.1.1
Has this also been fixed in Nextcloud? In which version?
Best, Bernie_O.

Should be Nextcloud 10.0.1