Button to rescan files

hi there i am using sftp connections to upload larger files.
the problem is they wont appear in the nc folder structure.
it would be great if there is a rescan folder button to make them appear (not many users are familiar with the occ scan via ssh).

right now i am using a workaround:
whenever i upload a new folder with files - i create that folder in nextcloud which throws out a message, that this folder allready exists and starts the rescan of it.

all my best

Did you try webdav instead of sftp? Nextcloud is aware of changes made via webdav…

yes i tried mountain duck with webdav and not sftp but its the same behaviour.
i found for the first time the trick is to add a folder with the same name in nextcloud after uploading it and it will warn you that this folder exists and rescan it afterwards which makes the folder appear.
but if i upload more files into that folder the trick won’t work.

my problem is i cannot use ssh to rescan manually because the ssh commands are limited by the provider (sudo is not allowed).

what url did u use for webdav access? NC gas built in webdav support, that works like uploading via web interface and the db is aware of files transfered automaticly

hello - yes i used the webdav of my hosting not nextcloud.
if i use nc webdav its very funny because i cannot see the files i uploaded via sftp too (my explorer is as blind as nexcloud). even if i create the same folder again, it will only show up unscanned in nextcloud.
so that makes no sense (also its not useable because lots of files are larger than 4gb).

it would be definitly nice to have a folder based rescan button somewhere in nextcloud. as far as i can see it the new (existing) folder trick out of the webinterface is the only workaround so far.

also i noticed that the encryption is not working at all when uploading the files via sftp and rescan the folder - thats pretty weird.

I meant to use nextclouds webdav for upload instead of sftp, the files uploaded via webdav are imediately visible also in webinterface. However, if you want to use windows explorer for bigger files, you would need to apply a registry hack because MS has a filesize limit of 50mb for webdav built into windows.

That encryption is not working is not wired at all, as you sidepass nextclouds upload mechanisms by using sftp

hello fade fx as i told you i did connect via nc webdav credentials and mountain duck.

You saied you used the webdav access of your hosting provider, which obviously also bypasses NCs database. All files you upload via NCs WebDav definitely will be in the database and thus visible in the webinterface.

you are right, if upload them via nc webdav they will be rescanned. but i cannot upload large files. it stops around 2GB and gets kicked off. with sftp i can easily upload 30GB and more which i need.
webdav is a pretty insecure and limited protocol (4GB max no matter what settings you can put on the machine).

its nice to move files around from one folder to another but otherwise in my case its pretty useless.
btw will those files be encrypted?

Follow the link i just posted, multiply the number in the text by 16 and you will be good.

ok, i will check and let you know.

i cannot set the value to 107374182375 (which is the 25x that i would like to have). but even the x16 wont work since you are only allowed to set up a 10 digit number (which seems like the restriction here) - i would need 12 digits.

actually thats why i mount the webdav volume with mountainduck because its using ntfs but somehow it stops around 2GB and does nothing.

Thats strange, probably mountain duck is a 32bit application?

no its 64bit

Then i am out of ideas as well…