Bumping/Pushing to Top Support Threads Left for Awhile?

Is this possible and permit able if a support related thread is left for an excess of a few days unaddressed/un responded/etc?

If not what can be done if one believe there an issue that needs the additional attention?

Which thread are you referring to in detail? I know a lot of threads which are open for a long time.

Help in this forum is provided by volunteers and threads are closed if a valuable answer has been given or a required input/feedback hasn’t been given in an acceptable time. Furthermore many of the asked question are recurring ones and users are very often to comfortable to use the search function, but that’s their expected part of the game.

For business support a different support model and channel exists.

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You can check these topics:

I usually do this to spot some unanswered topics, they are sometimes in the wrong category and untagged, sometimes information is missing, … but it always needs someone to answer. Sometimes it’s already close to a bug report, so if you are posting it can be interesting to check on the bugtracker for existing reports as well.

Problems is often that many people want help but are not willing to help others. Even companies try to get around official support but that clearly exceeds the capacities of a community (unless they are not willing to invest some capacities themselves).

This one in particular Accessibly Concern: Cannot Set Quota Due to Zoomed in Browser (Vivaldi)

I agree with you entirely, I at least try to give and take as they says. But it’s hard when there more “taking” than “giving” going on. :frowning:

I think this is a cosmetic issue which will be solved in the future. In the meantime you need to use the zoom function in your browser. From what I can see several problems with the quota display have already been addressed but a milestone hasn’t yet been announced until they will be solved. So wait and enjoy upcoming releases :wink:

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Got you and I am but the quotas being cutted as mentioned there.

I think in the meantime like another project I was in is to push awareness until accessible computing is taken more seriously.