Bulk Load documents

Is there a way to bulk load documents into NextCloud?

We have quite a few documents on various NAS server we want to load into nextCloud.

Just sync the folders from the NAS servers to nextcloud…

Another way, not sure if it’s the good way, but I did it anyways, I copied all my files to the server, then did "sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all" and after some time had all my library added.

The NAS servers are behind firewall that prevents this, however, I have a
workstation that i can access both my nextCloud instance on BlueHost and
the NAS server.

I have my nextCloud instance on BlueHost and I’m not allowed to run SUDO.

Than just install the owncloud client on that mashine…

Thank you for the responses. I have copied the files from the NAS drives over to the BlueHost system into a directory. Now I would like to either load those files into nextCloud or link to the directory with the files in it.

The type of bulk loading I was imagining would also allow me to add an initial comment to each of the files being loaded.

Maybe a JSON, XML, CSV file with the file name and a comment.

ie: (CSV formatted)

JSTrain01.mpg, "This video has intro to JS, and some set up parms"
JSTrain02.mpg,"This video reviews the TYPE of VAR’s in JS"
JSTrain03.mpg, “This video shows how to debug JS”