Building a standalone application for Nextcloud Client

I am working on a Mac Environment. I want to make some changes to Nextcloud client applications and build an executable that can work as a setup provided by NextCloud.(like a standalone application that can be distributed to other users).
So far I have not come across any documentation to create an executable package. There is documentation that can run the client but that is only for a development environment.

My question is to compile the client in such a way that it can generate standalone applications for all different environments.

Any tools, webpages suggested?

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@rakekniven @tflidd @misch Any help is appreciated.

Hello @lakshayverma629,

welcome to the Nextcloud community.

I am not a dev at all and would forward you to IRC, GitHub or wait for a response of @misch or @camila.


@rakekniven Thanks for welcome.

Much Appreciated for your help.

@splitt3r this documentation helps in building the client and running but so far it doesn’t mention “How to Create a standalone application”.
For eg. Make changes in client (Changing theming and names etc) and then generate a .dmg or .exe file for installation in MacOS and Windows.

Most of the discussions covers branding but compilation is not discussed anywhere.

Yes. I have gone through it. But the dev environment should not affect the target for which the executables are generated for.
Also, I am working on MAC environment.

Thanks @splitt3r.
I eventually had to build separate clients in different environments. explains excellent steps and scripts to generate client on windows. For Mac, it takes some careful path setting when compiling qtkeychain and client. plus some additional libraries required.