Bugs after Update to JSON Monitoring

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Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: Debian 10 5.10.52-v8+
Nginx version: 1.21.1
PHP version: 8.0.9

The issue:
Monitoring link in JSON format brings letter “d” at the end causing problems with monitoring software.


Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

Steps to replicate it:

Monitoring link as shown in nc webGUI


Uhm well, so no one? I attached the JSON. Request is just fine and what ever which way I get it there is this „d“, started after update.

What’s the SLA of none enterprise users, probably none.

So maybe I will wait till next update patch, hopefully that will fix it and my monitoring which I was building up over many days of my lifetime will work again properly. :slight_smile:

I made update to 22.1.1 RC1 and can you imagine…did not change anything. Still no monitoring, still many issues with NC22.

This is the API of the serverinfo app?

I didn’t see a related bug report: Issues · nextcloud/serverinfo · GitHub

Your code integrity check doesn’t show a problem?

Thank you for taking care about this. Yes I am doing a curl command on localhost to get the JSON from NC. Everything worked fine till I upgrade to and I didn’t change anything. The weird thing is there is no „d“ at the end while I am doing it on browser.
I created a zabbix template for it and also shared it:


There is no feedback about any issues but this doesn’t mean anything. Template took me like 2 days and I was so happy for 2 weeks about propper working.


I am getting JSON with following command:


Fixed it. Had a mistake in the curl command. Monitoring can go on. :slight_smile: