[Bug] Wrong phone labels on contacts

Hello all,

good day and hoping everything is going well.

i recently enabled the Contacts (v3.1.3) app on my Nextcloud (16.0.4) as im slowly migrating everything to it.

i just noticed that on my contacts app (iOS) it shows Work, Mobile and so on for a single contact.

but if i add a 2nd or 3rd phone number and add the label work, mobile, etc it will reflect somehow correctly on the server.

if i modify the label on the contacts app on iOS it shows as VOICE or "WORK.

is this somehow a known issue with the Contacts app?

anyone else experiencing the same on iOS?

Thanks for the advice.

I have noticed that the vCard is formatted differently than what IOS likes.

Contact made in nextcloud contact web interface
This displays incorrectly with just ''HOME

Contact made in IOS and synced back to nextcloud
TEL;type=HOME;type=VOICE:+1 (999) NPA-NPXX
this one displays correctly as home

Please search on github for bugs https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/1107