Bug with zip files

When I download a folder from my nextcloud, I can’t open the zip at my pc… it’s not working with windows and archlinux.

I just downloaded https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-9.0.53.zip on Ubuntu, could open it. Did you use the same link?
0faf794d6e5897ee35a2f698227e1e6f nextcloud-9.0.53.zip

I think he meant within the file-app of NC: selecting a folder and then download.
OC/NC is creating a ZIP of the complete folder then

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Tried this against master. When i try to open it, ark also gives me a warning that the archive is corrupt and some files might be missing or be damaged.

Do you see any error in the logfile (NC log file? php / webserver log file)?

Does the zip file has a size or is it 0 Byte?

It has a size. It’s just a Problem with Gnome Archiv Manager … with unzip it’s working. But all other zip archives don’t have a problem with my Gnome Archiv Manager (Archlinux, newest Version)

reviving an old, dead topic: I think it is this issue: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/2352

Let’s keep an eye on the github issue.