Bug? Timestamps not following a rule, it randomly changes file date on files from a dir


I noticed that uploading files on Android NC client it updates the file with the upload date but in others it keeps the phone’s original creation date.
I post a pic from the file explorer on the phone, you can note creation dates are back to 2021, which is consistent with the real filename.

Now, the Nextcloud data dir, where you can see it randomly saves the real timestamp, while otherwise modifies to the upload (to NC) date (Jul20-21)

I can understand it changes every date to upload date, or that it saves original creation date. But what is really weird is the fact that it gets (apparently) absolutely random.

Android Nextcloud app 3.20.3
Nextcloud 24.0.3 + MariaDB on Docker ARM64 (I was on 24.0.2 a weeks ago with same behaviour.

Anyone is able to shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance!

Just saw this bug,

which seems pretty similar to my issue, as files that keep date are small ones…
The bad part is that was fixed on 2022-Mar-03, but it seems to be there on my new deployment.

Am I reading it bad, or it was supposed to be fixed on 3.20.0 Android App? If that’s the case, it seems that 3.20.3 faced a regression…

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