[BUG] streaming - "big" video files can't be read in streaming on Odroid-XU4 with Ubuntu-Minimal

Hello community !
Please can you help me to identify the bug and solve it or report it to dev? :slight_smile:

I have make the test in local storage on two machines with the same file (±3Go).
On the nextcloud x64 Ubuntu-Server machine, the file can be stream with no problem. But on the nextcloud server on Odroid-XU4 (ARM) with Ubuntu-Minimal that said :

The video could not be loaded, either because the server or the network failed or because the format is not supported

The codec (audio and video) is used by others more small files (minus than 1Go) and the odroid-xu4 can stream theim without any problem.

Infos : nextcloud production 12.0.4 ( i retest when nextcloud 13 is available)

Is it a 64bit system? 32bit-PHP is known to have problems to handle files larger than 2 GB. At some point, they promised for 32-bit systems to provide a solution in NC 13 (not sure if they changed it, and if they did, if it works for streaming as well).

No it’s not 64bit CPU.

Thank you well @tflidd , that explain the why.
I report if it’s work on NC 13 when the update if available :slight_smile:

Problem solved with Nextcloud 13. (tested on Odroid-XU4 cluster, with php7.0)
Enjoy !

Great job dev !