[Bug] Shared contact with birthday gets duplicated

I’m running

  • Nextcloud 18.0.3
  • Contacts 3.2.0
  • Calendar 2.0.2

… and observed the following issue:

  1. Create new contact in personal address book
  2. Set a birthday for this new account
  3. Ensure the contact is saved
  4. Change the contacts address book from personal to another shared address book
  5. Reload all contacts
    => The contact is duplicated, because it now exists in the personal and the shared address book

Are you able to reproduce this? Bug or feature?

Additional notes:

  • Same issue does not occur when the contact has no birthday set - so it seems to be related to this element
  • Deleting the duplicate and changing the contact’s address book again will also create the duplicate again
  • This issue has some side effects on the birthday display in calendar app also - shared contacts birthdays do not always show up; running “occ dav:sync-birthday-calendar” will report duplicate calendar objects

Anybody can reproduce this? It is really annoying as it does not allow me to use birthday calendar feature for shared contacts :roll_eyes:

Hey, please head over to the github repository. The forum isn’t really mean to report bugs :slight_smile:

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