Bug or by design?

Nextcloud: 21.0.9

Greetings NC community. First of all, my condolences to anyone being affected by what’s happening with the Ukraine and Russia. Very unfortunate events.

Hopefully someone here can shed some light on the behavior experienced with the Search functionality in Nextcloud. It appears Search function acts more like a Filter than a search.

    |__Human Resources (folder)
       |__Bill Doe (folder)
       |     |__file-1
       |     |__file-2
       |__Steve Doe (folder)
    |__Marketing (folder)

Given the file structure above, searching for “Hum” starting in my top level (Home) folder causes everything within the Human Resource folder to be Filter out due to the search input box retaining the search criteria AFTER the search has been applied. So for instance…

  • Search for “Hum”. Results is for Human Resources folder to show in the results. –Expected
  • After navigating into the Human Resources folder from the resultant search criteria, nothing shows up and the Human Resources folder appears empty due to the search function retaining the search criteria “Hum”. -Unexpected

However going back into the Search function and clearing out the Search will allow the child folders and to files re-appear.

I would expect to see child files and folders within the folder searched for, hence the search criteria clearing itself once clicking on the folder from the original search criteria.

The current functionality has created numerous support tickets and help requests from clients, given the appearance that files have been mistakenly deleted.

Thanks for your time in advance!


I can confirm the issue with 23.0.2. for me it sounds like a bug.

From my tests using exactly your scenario. There is one important detail: behavior is as expected when you

  1. complete the search with “[enter]” key
  2. with the mouse click within search suggestions:

you enter “human resources” folder.


the problem occurs

  1. if you click on “human resources” within the file list: you hit a dead-end and don’t see any contents of the human resources folder.

I see the URLs are different: search suggestion goes to https://mycloud/f/1234 and the entry from the file list to “https://mycloud/index.php/apps/files?dir=Home/Human Resources” if you hover over the entry… I didn’t see whitespace escaped and tested with a folder “HumanResources” as well - same result. But another strange fact: once you end in this “broken state” hitting F5 load the folder loads successful using (almost the same) URL…

I would suggest you create a BR at Github.


Thanks for confirming.