[Bug] names list too narrow in Chrome & Edge

Hello everyone,

using NC 13 with contacts app 2.1.0 the list of contact names is way too narrow.
When opend, the app starts with a much broader names list for half a second but empty.
Then the list jumps to its very narrow state and is filles with my contacts.



This behaviour is only shown on Chrome and Edge.

Its not shown (which means evthing is ok) on IE11 and Firefox 57.04

Still running 12.0.5 and have exactly the same problem.

Same problem whith NC13.0.0, Firefox Linux 58.0.2 (64 bits)

I have found in console :
Content Security Policy: Les paramètres de la page ont empêché le chargement d’une ressource à self (« script-src ‘nonce-NE0rOXlNaWpaUVdrMEpiSXRtQ0ZQbGYvN0hDTE1UcGtNNUE2Z3ErUkMxcz06aTdmMWg0Ym1NMURMNVBDRTB4YkRhQmFGdnhUdUdrQXRBUEpkd2Y3cE9pdz0=’ ‘unsafe-eval’ »). Source: ondrop attribute on INPUT element.
Erreur dans les liens source : request failed with status 404
URL de la ressource : http://xxxxxxxx/core/vendor/core.js?v=b2a143b5-5
URL du lien source : purify.min.js.map

Hello everyone! There is a patch coming up very soon. You can follow the further progress here: https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/pull/481