[Bug] Move a contact from one address book to another not synced

I have multiple address books and sync them with KDE (Kontact). The sync basically works, just when I move a contact from one address book to another this change never makes it NC. On the web UI the contact stays in the old address book. Is that a known issue?

You can check yourself the server repo for that: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

If there isn’t, to debug this a bit further, you can check you webserver logfile and see if there are entries when you move the entries. If there aren’t any entries, there is perhaps a problem on the client, if there is, you perhaps have some error that a permission is not right or a timeout or whatever.

In the access log I see entries like - - [15/Jun/2017:12:05:31 +0200] "GET /nextcloud/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/xxx/oc_xx_obsolete/1497521104.R176.vcf HTTP/1.1" 401 557 "-" "KDE DAV groupware client"

The strange thing is that I even get a 401 when I create a new contact and that gets created. I do see as well lots of PROPFIND requests with a 401.

Does that ring some bell? Thanks.

Fixed in the 2.0 release! :slight_smile: