[Bug] Mobile version of contacts app (page) does not give a link for carddav sync


first of all thank you alot for all the great work you guys are doing. I set up my new nextcloud recently and everything works fine. So there are no bugs I have encountered sofar, my “problem” is solvable but unconvinient for users of the contacts app.
In the regular (pc browser) version of the contacts app you can copy the link for the carddav sync from the settings section.
If I go to contacts app in the mobile version I cannot find an option to copy this link. I know I can find another way to get this link on my phone (by mail for example) but I think it would be much more convinient if I could get it right there like in the calendar app.
Is there a way to get this link on the (default) mobile version of the nextcloud page?

Thank you very much for your help.

Is it because you cannot open the sidebar on mobile? I’m indeed experiencing the same issue, but I wanted to know if this was similar :slight_smile:

Sidebar issue was coming from server, fixed now in recent releases