[Bug] Incorrect asset path after upgrade to 2.1.2


I just update contacts from 2.0.x to 2.1.2 and for some reason, asset path is incorrect
it look for path such as (multiple 404s, not only vcard.js)

but I get it right without the /src folder /extra-apps/contacts/js/vendor/vcard/vcard.js?v=c2c4b8b39847a8a026c7162ffa4c4c82-8

How to fix that and where does this come from?
I use a nextcloud box if that helps.

Thank you.

Hey there! :slight_smile:
Can you provide your server log? I’m guseeing there are some webroot errors?

Also, I’m gonna need the following informations:

  • your nextcloud version
  • your server root url
  • your apps folder url

Kind regards

Hi. Sure.

nextcloud.occ status

  • installed: true
  • version:
  • versionstring: 12.0.5
  • edition:

your server root url
this is a local url so is it relevant ?

your apps root url
can you be more specific about what you exactly expect here?

“nextcloud.occ app:getpath contacts” returns

  • /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extra-apps/contacts

Yep, this is what I was expecting :slight_smile:
You have your apps in a directory that is NOT inside your server root files.
This is a bug fixed in 13. This is not related to the contacts app and will happen with other apps as well :slight_smile:

I’ll suggest you upgrade to latest, but since latest snap is still not in 13, you might want to consider the beta/rc here: https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloud-snap/pull/442

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