Bug in "Search contacts" v12

The scenario is that I have different clients in each Group. This works 100%. Only problem is that when clicking Search Contacts in Web GUI as a normal logged in user, ALL users, no matter what group they belong to, appear in the list.

I don’t think this is intended behaviour? The search doesn’t really let you do anything with the user found either, so don’t know the point with the search for contacts here.

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On the admin page, did you click the option that users are only allowed to share within their group? If not I think users can see each other by default.

Yes, I have checked that box already.

I’m logged in as a person in Group 1 only. I can still see everybody in Contacts-dropdown. Person3 is in Group 2, so shouldn’t been able to see that person.

Hi I have exactly same issue… I’ve gone through every option like yourself… looking for an answer please.

Please raise this as an issue on GitHub:

I have posted a issue here:

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thanks. this worked.
it was soo annoying.