[Bug] Imported contacts not displayed - Writing Contacts to the Database from vtiger db


i have a problem.
I wrote a python script which inserts new Contacts from a vTiger database to nextcloud 11 database.

Insert Code:

def insert_blob(filename):
# read file
data = read_file(filename)

# prepare update query and data
query = "insert into oc_cards(addressbookid, carddata, size, uri)" \
        " VALUES (13,'%s',229, 'FirstnameLastnameID.vcf')" % (data)


----------------------Eintrag in die Datenbank-------------------

for row in tablerows:
print row[0], row [1], read_file(“Firstname Lastname.vcf”)

insert_blob("Firstname Lastname.vcf")

The complete script first connects to the vTiger database and gets all contacts from a defined view. After that i store these contacts in VCF files and in an ALL.vcf

I can read this files and insert the VCFs into a blob of the nextcloud database.
After inserting a contact it’s not shown in the contacts on webinterface, but it’s written to the database. Is there another database or table where i need to make an insert or is there a storage on the server where these VCF files need to be stored?

Or is there another way to import contacts from a VCF or a Database?

Hi! Can you try the latest release and telle us if it’s still happening?